Pursuant to a 15-year administration and management support agreement which came into effect in 2010, Valener is managed by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals from Énergir, L.P.
Valener also has access to Énergir, L.P’s management team for questions related to investor relations.
Sophie Brochu
President and Chief Executive Officer of Énergir, L.P., acting as manager of Valener
Ms. Sophie Brochu has been active in the energy industry for more than 25 years. She began her career in 1987 as a financial analyst for SOQUIP (Société québécoise d’initiatives pétrolières). She was promoted to Vice President in 1992.

In 1997, she joined Énergir, L.P. as Vice President, Business Development. In 2005, Ms. Brochu was appointed Executive Vice President. Since 2007, she has held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Énergir, L.P.

Ms. Brochu graduated in economics from Université Laval, in Québec City, where she specialized in the energy sector. She sits on the Board of Directors of Bank of Montreal, Bell Canada and BCE Inc.

Ms. Brochu is involved with Centraide of Greater Montreal. She is the Chair of Forces Avenir which promotes students involvement in their communities. She is cofounder of “ruelle de l’avenir”, a project aimed at encouraging students in the Centre-Sud and Hochelaga neighbourhoods of Montréal to remain in school. Ms. Brochu also sits on the Board of Directors of La Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon.

Éric Lachance
Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs, IT, Logistics and Chief Financial Officer of Énergir, L.P., acting as Manager of Valener
Mr. Éric Lachance is Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs, IT, Logistics and Chief Financial Officer of Énergir, L.P. since January 1st, 2018.  He joined Énergir, L.P. as Vice President, Finance, on January 2017.

Since January 2018, Mr. Lachance is responsible for all of Énergir, L.P.’s financing, corporate and legal activities.  He is also responsible for the development of the gas and electric distribution sector in the United States.

From February 2000 to December 2016, he held various positions at Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, the last 3 years as Regional Director – Europe within its subsidiary CDPQ Paris where he led the team responsible for ensuring the supervision and valuation of the Caisse’s European infrastructure investment portfolio.

As an Officer, he serves on the Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Pension Fund Committee of Énergir, L.P. He is also a member of the boards of some of Énergir, L.P.’s subsidiaries.

Mr. Lachance holds a degree in business, finance and economics from McGill University and has been a chartered financial analyst since 2000.