Governing documents and policies

Valener is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and governance. This is a priority for its board of directors.
To learn more about Valener’s governance and ethical values, please see the following documents.
Certificate of Incorporation pdf
Certificate of Arrangement pdf
Certificate of Amendment – 2010-07-14 pdf
Certificate of Amendment – 2011-03-28 pdf
Certificate of Amendment – 2012-06-04 pdf
By-Law No.1 pdf
Advance Notice By-Law No. 2 pdf
Mandate of the Board of Directors pdf
Audit Committee Mandate pdf
Code of Ethics pdf
Procedure for Handling Public Complaints and Employee Concerns pdf
Mission of Valener pdf
Disclosure Policy pdf
Policy and Procedure Regarding Pre-Approval of External Audit and Non-Audit Related Services pdf
Policy on Hiring Partners and Employees of the External Auditors pdf
Restricted Trading Policy pdf
Majority Vote Policy pdf
Policy Regarding Diversity and Renewal on the Board of Directors pdf