Why invest in Valener

Quality investments
  • Diversified and largely regulated energy portfolio
  • Innovative, clean, competitive and profitable energies
  • Dominant position in Québec and Vermont
  • Solid, predictable distributions


Growing dividend offering an attractive yield
  • 4% increase on common share dividends announced in February 2015, as well as a 4% dividend growth target for the following 3 years

    • 2nd dividend increase announced in November 2015
    • 3rd dividend increase announced in November 2016
  • In May 2017, announcement of the extension the 4% CAGR dividend growth target through 2022
    • 4th dividend increase announced in August 2017
    • 5th dividend increase announced in Novemvber 2018
  • Growth target supported by :

    • Énergir, L.P.’s financial solidity
    • Sustained performance of the Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farms since their commercial commissioning
    • Expected distributions from these assets
  • Dividend yield of approximately 6.0%(1)

1) As of September 30, 2018

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Regulated assets with predictable returns
  • More than 90% of Énergir, L.P’s assets are regulated
  • Nearly all of Énergir, L.P’s recurring net income come from regulated activities
  • Stable, predictable distributions
  • Natural protection from interest rate hikes


Diversified public utilities
  • Major diversification of Énergir, L.P’s assets since 2006
  • Geographically diversified energy portfolio with natural gas and electricity
  • Electricity producer in Québec and Vermont
  • Emphasis on clean, renewable energies
  • Less dependent on natural gas distribution in Québec
$2.8 billion in assets
≈ 200,000 customersdiapo9_partie1_EN
More than $7 billion in assets
more than to 520,000 customersdiapo9_partie1_EN
Advantageous dividend reinvestment plan
  • Dividends reinvested automatically
  • Current discount of 2% on share price
  • No brokerage or administration fees
  • Plan administered for shareholders
  • For more details about dividend reinvestment plan


Environmentally friendly energies
  • Natural gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon and creates business opportunities:
    • Emits as much as 32% less GHG than petroleum products across all markets
    • Competitive in all markets even with declining oil prices
    • Integral part of Québec’s energy policy
  • Portfolio of innovative, clean energy sources
    • Key player in wind power, with the Seigneurie de Beaupré Wind Farms (340 MW) in Québec and Kingdom Community Wind and Searsburg (69 MW) in Vermont
    • 44 hydroelectric stations in New England
    • 21 solar farms, wholly- or jointly-owned, with installed capacity of 25 MW
    • Producer of methane from cow manure (“cow power”) in Vermont
    • Biomethane produced by the City of Saint-Hyacinthe now being injected into the natural gas network

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